People date a lot during their life, but not many manage to meet that one and only. A lot of us choose the easy way out and very often give up on the the person too soon. It is easier to fix what you have, rather than find a new one to replace it.

So here are few tips for a long lasting relationship.

1. Do special things on regular basis.

This will bring you and your partner closer, will make them and you feel special.

Remember how you liked doing little things to put a smile on their face…, never stop that. Putting a smile on their face will make you feel good.

2. Appreciate.

It is important to show your partner that you appreciate the things they do.

Even if there are things or their behaviors which annoy you, try and learn to live with your differences.

3. Learn about what pleases your other half sexually.

Experiment new things together, talk and show them you are interested in what pleasures them. Don’t be afraid to try new things and see what suits you both the most.

4. Do something extreme or spontaneous.

If you get your partner’s heart rate up, he may associate the feeling of excitement with you and he may develop more powerful feelings for you. Going on a roller-coaster ride, taking a balloon trip, shooting the rapids—anything with a touch of danger to it—can make him fall more deeply in love with you. The feeling of excitement may also make them remember you whenever they are in those situations full of adrenaline.

5. Communicate.

Communication is very important to make your relationship last. Always tell your partner what bothers you and let them know how you feel, because if you hold those bad feelings in, you will start building a wall between you two. If there is lack of communication, partners can start to drift apart.

6. Do things together.

Never stop dating. Make sure you have at least 1 day in the week to go out on a date just two of you. Don’t get stuck in your daily or weekly routine, always go to different places and explore.