We are made to believe that people who are single and live alone are unhappy and that marriage- is a must.

But this is not always the way to be happy, many married women suffer from depression, more often than single women.
There are so many single people these days. Since people can now survive on their own, they don’t see the need in finding their other half.
Many 40+ year olds who have their own home or divorced usually choose to stay single. If they do have a partner, they only go on dates, they don’t rush to want to move in together.
“Up to a certain age people have hope in finding true love. When this hope starts to fade away, their self-defense kicks in- they stop believing, proving themselves and others that they don’t need love.”
Together- But so far apart…
Big family in a small 2 bedroom apartment is not a natural thing. People then feel caged. After all, they, like any other person wants to have their own little space, where they can escape to think, relax or simply dream. So why not try and live apart for a while if you don’t have children and can afford it?
Of course, it’s very important to understand the cause for this desire to have such alone time.
Another option- when completely alienated people continue to live together. According to one of psychologists, this is a very bad choice. “Solitude for two is more awful than living alone”.
When the person next to you doesn’t love you, you are only united in everyday life, common TV, affection and memories of the past while the current relationship doesn’t feel alive at all. And you can’t look for love anywhere else, because you feel trapped in your current situation.
It’s important to consider this decision very well if your have children. Studies show that many children will feel very lonely and isolated if they are stuck in the middle between you and your partner.
I hope this doesn’t happen to many and I do wish you all to find love and affection for each other.
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