We live in a world where the values of gentleness and compassion are not evaluated. The media often extols the selfish and arrogant behavior.
Often people get stuck in their daily responsibilities and personal insecurities that they forget their personal development goals. Your integrity and kindness revival starts by identifying your personal values. Goodness is the first step to success and happiness. Often we turn to religion as a wizard, but you would still need to learn how to determine your own moral standards. One of the easiest ways to do this – is to love others and treat them as you would like to be treated. First don’t think just about yourself, think about others too. Even casual small things you do will greatly enrich and improve life for yourself and others around you. Being a good person is not easy, because it is necessary to believe in people.
1. Think and ask yourself what you think you need to do to be a good person. Some people think that all they need to do is not doing anything bad, but what you don’t do is not enough, it is also important how good you are to others. Maybe you’re not a bad person, but are you really that good? Who are your role models? How can they improve the world, and how could you do the same?
What are the qualities you admire in them, and could you develop the same?
2. Try to look on the bright side of things. When you witness any objections, be the one to propose a solution to the situation. Do not inform people what you would do personally, just ask to be involved.
3. Accept that people surrounding you are your brothers and sisters, regardless of race, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or culture. Realize that everyone has feelings, and must be treated with respect.
4. When people are angry, do not try to correct them by saying something irrational, just look at them with compassion and stay quiet. The term “I understand” is usually wrong. If you have something to say, then say “I’m sorry that you feel that way, or is there anything I can do to help?”
5. Stop comparing yourself to others. Try to understand that some people are more fortunate in life than others and some are not as lucky. You will just upset yourself if you try and compare to others, you will just be wasting time and energy which you could use for improving yourself. The real life is- expressing your abilities and talents and not only paying attention at what other people are good at.
6. Every day try and do something good for someone, even a small favor. Turn to people close to you, even if they are cold towards you or do not pay any attention. Kindness and generosity will lead you in to the right direction.
7. Respect the elderly. Remember, that you will get old one day and you will need the help from others. Next time you go to the store or anywhere else, look around you, see if there is an elderly person struggling to do something – e.g., carrying bags or loading goods into the car. Ask, “Can I help you?” Some may not trust you and refuse to your help, but then say, “I understand, I hope you have a lovely day.” Don’t let this stop you and find another elderly who will be glad to accept your helping hand.
8. Respect mentally disabled people, they have feelings same as everyone else, and they are your brothers and sisters too. Behave as if life is a lottery and you could’ve be born exactly the same, and if that was you, how would you like others to treat you. Give them a smile, and let your eyes reflect love and compassion. Do not attempt to touch them, as that could frighten them. If other people make fun of your communication with them, don’t pay attention.
9. Give compliments to friends who you may be jealous of, and to people who you may not know at all.
10. Be a better listener. Listen to what the person you are talking to is saying and let them know you are listening by asking questions, this will show that you are interested in what they are trying to tell you.
11. Try to be polite. When having an argument with a friend, try to talk to them and get the issue sorted. It is better to offer to think about it. Say something like, “I want to fix this, because you’re such a good friend to me. We better sit down and think about it.”
12. Celebrate other peoples’ achievements, even if you are not as happy as they are.
13. Love yourself. Learn to accept yourself unconditionally. It is easy to love others, but you must first gain confidence and begin to love yourself. You can do this in the community by offering small acts of charity, and then increasing it with time. Don’t try and do too much, too soon. You will become a better person by making someone smile and by improving his or her day, this will also improve your day too. As they say, when we give, we always get something in return.
14. Slow down the pace of life and enjoy the small and simple things. Don’t rush to drive to the store and come back. Sit at the wheel and enjoy the view. When you arrive at the store, look at all the colorful fruits and vegetables and think that others are not so lucky and they can’t afford use such things. Buy some extra food for the food bank if you can.
15. Become a better person, even by doing all sorts of little things – even by smiling to someone who looks sad, or holding the door open for someone you don’t know.
16. Starting your mission for becoming a better person, read this list on a daily basis and make it a part of your life. Follow these tips, and add your own as you go.
17. Don’t try to be like someone else; just be yourself. Do thing you do best in life.
Remember that people will treat you well if you treat them the same way. (Treat other as you would like to be treated).