When people break up, they get an instant urge to get their partner back.

When you try to get them back you usually end up doing things you shouldn’t do. The usually aren’t any chances of them coming back yo you, depending on why the marriage or relationship ended. But even if you get them back, chances are you may not like or agree the way they are towards you upon their returning.

The only and best way to get your partner back is- to let them go, at least for s little while. Give them time and space to think & make their own decision.

Sitting and waiting is not enough. You also need to do some thinking: becoming a better person, than you already are and make some changes.

*So here is what you need to do*

  • Stay Calm

It is understanding that in stressful situations like this, our emotions take over. If you follow your emotions you will definitely end up doing things which shouldn’t be done. To get desired outcome, you need to have a fresh mind and thoughts. It would be a good idea to have someone who you trust to support you through this, as they will be able to give you advice, which will point you in to a better direction.

  • Keep your friendship and conversations positive

But don’t open up too much or don’t go in to too much detail of how you really feel, as they may may end up making you feel bad about it.

  • Don’t give false information

You don’t need to go in to detail of what is going on in your life. Little phrases such as: ”I’m doing okay thanks” will be enough. Don’t star telling them about your achievements or try to make them jealous on purpose. It would be a better idea if they found out about your life and how happy you are from other people.

  • Take care of yourself

This would be the best time to join your local gym, study something new, start enjoying your life and make a little change in your life, to brighten u your mood. The most important thing about all this is- do it for yourself, not for your partner.

  • Prove him/ her that you learned from your past mistakes

Don’t expect to get your partner back if you keep acting the way you used to. You don’t have to agree to them at all times, but it is important to compromise, if your attitude hurts your loved one. Also, don’t be afraid to admit you was wrong, if you know you made a mistake, show your partner that you will not make the same mistakes. Make sure you act more and talk less.

  • Remind your partner of why they fell in love with you

Daily routines and problems and small disagreements often makes couples to go their own ways, because they forget why they fell in love and what made them appreciate each other. Remind your loved one of what made them fall in love with you and show them you didn’t change. Together, remember the nice moments you had and without any anger involved, remember the reasons why you argued. This could be a moment where you will both understand that you argued for no reason at all.

  • Listen to your partner and try to help them

Romance is not all about love and passion, the most important thing in a relationship is- partnership. If the reason for divorce or break up was your lack of attention to your partner, not knowing or wanting to listen and help, then it is time to change this in yourself. You can’t expect them to support you if you don’t do the same in return.

  • Remember activities you enjoyed together 

Activities both partners enjoy, makes them to become lovers and the most important best friends.