Here are those important signs:

  1. Communication. 

Does your other half meet your communication needs. If you like to have a chat after long day at work, but they prefer to just relax and watch TV, but he/ she compromises with you.

2. Having fun Together. 

You still enjoy each other’s company and are able to still have fun together, even if you argue sometimes. There should always be more good times than the bad ones.

  3. Love still Exists.

You still love each other even if there are problems in your relationship.

4. Reality of your relationship problems. 

You both put enough effort in sorting issues out, and are willing to solve any disagreements after arguments.

5. Working well Together. 

You and your partner work well together in good and the bad times. Even if you have a big argument or disagreement, they always stick by you and never ignore you.

6. Being Yourself. 

Your partner allows you to feel and be yourself. They always inspire you to be a better person.

7. You both look in to the same direction. 

You and your other half have same or similar plans for your future.

8. New problems.

If the problems and disagreements are new in your relationship and this never happened before, then you should consider in fixing it and compromising.

9. They are your One and Only. 

They are still the only person you want on this planet and can’t imagine your life without them.

10. Making You smile. 

They are always trying to make you smile no matter what problems occur. They can’t stay angry for long and tries to sort things out as soon as possible.

If any of the above applies to you, then you may want to consider in trying to save your relationship. Before saying goodbye, try to give each other space to think things through. It’s always easy to breaks things off, but it’s harder to get the person you love back if you loose them. 

Good Luck!