♥ This story is based on real life events only the names were changed.

She saw a boy in her street and wandered who he was.

She didn’t expect to see him again, but few days later he walked past her house again.

Months went by and she (Let’s call her Kate) met a girl across the street and became good friends. One day there was a house party and Kate’s new friend introduced her to her family. And guess who her brother was…

…It was the guy who she fell in love after seeing him walking past her house. Their eyes met and there was that magical (drama to come) connection.

Days and months went buy, love and affection developed without them even realising what they were getting in to.

Soon they became more than friends, but never agreed to be in a relationship. They were very close and in love, but only Kate admitted it and confessed. He on the other hand (Let’s call him Mike) never experienced or believed in such love and destiny, so he kept pushing Kate away. That made her very upset, but she continued seeing him until one day… when she met someone who she like and wanted to be in a relationship with. Mike was very upset and that was when he realised he actually loved her.

One evening after her date with the new guy Kate went to see her friend (Mike’s sister). At some point Kate was left alone with Mike and that’s when he admitted and said- “I realised I love you and I want to be with you. I don’t want to loose you”. Kate told him it was already too late and she left.

Many months later Kate broke up with her boyfriend, but she wasn’t alone anymore, she was pregnant and Mike had a girlfriend he was not happy with, she was also pregnant.

Kate and Mike were still in love, but they couldn’t change anything. When Kate visited they were only able to look at each other, no matter how much they wanted to just grab each other’s hands and run far far away.

Some time later  Mike broke up with his partner and Kate a single mother.

They decided to start seeing each other. Of course things were not the same as she was a mother now so being spontaneous was impossible. Kate kept telling Mike she loved him still and the feelings she has for him will never go away, but he didn’t believe her.

They slowly drifted apart…

And later started messaging each other again, telling each other how much they care to this day. Both of them had a difficult past that believing this was and is very hard.

So why can’t these two people who are so compatible be together?

Is it because Mike get’s in trouble a lot and is scared of getting settled with a woman he loves? Or is it because Kate is one of those mentally damaged women?

It could be both…

Let’s wish these two people to find each other even if they  do drift apart. Love like this is really worth saving. Two people who love, care and think of each other for many years

(Mike & Kate 6 years).