Many people who lead their lives in the right direction seem to always attract the wrong ones.

For women- men who needs mothering, needy, emotionally detached, in to drugs or alcohol, self centered, a cheater, jealous and anger issues. 

For Men- women who are needy, too jealous, self centered, in to drugs or alcohol, all about money, a cheater and clingy. 

The list could just go on…
But we do not need to stick by them, if you see that they are not fulfilling your expectations just move on. When you find the right person, you will not feel trapped or bullied, you will just feel like You.  
No one should feel let down, frustrated, psychologically tired or bullied in their relationship. Two people stay together to encourage and pull each other up, make each other happy, plan the future and make their love stronger for each other.
Two people need to always try and understand each other, compromise and always have each other’s side. Many people and surrounding will try and set you apart, but you have to try and beat these difficult times together.
There is no point being with someone who is always against you, always trying to make you look like you are the bad one. You want your partner to also understand your point of view, because we are all different. If they can’t, don’t wait for them to change, they never will, it will only get worse.