Medicines are not permanent solution for depression and anxiety, some people may feel worse like I did when I was on it. But since getting pregnant I have stopped the antidepressants and I feel brilliant.

It does take some time and energy to fight with my thoughts and the way I feel sometimes. So as soon as I have those bad days, I try and do breathing, meditation, thinking positive and watching something funny or simply lay in bed, put my favorite soaps on and admit to myself that this is how I feel today, it will go away soon. Sometimes it can last days or weeks, but let yourself feel bad, don’t ever judge yourself for feeling the way you do.

Go see friends and family, listening to other peoples’ stories helps and as for me helping other people, giving advice helps me come out of my own bad thoughts.

Visit your local swimming pool as it is a natural antidepressant. If you are brave enough go swimming in the lake or sea, as research shows that cold water makes your adrenaline levels rise.

Go on holiday, relax on the beach, try and do something you don’t do everyday.