Dogs, cats and other bigger animals can become a loyal friend to us human.

But I never thought a little bird could be come such a good friend to me. His name is Reo, he is my sister’s little “Cockateil Bird”.


Every time visit her, as soon as I walk in to the house, Reo starts to sing and as soon as I walk up to his cage he starts to move around hoping I will pick him up.

When I pick him up he keeps coming for a kiss and he actually tries to lick and nibble on my lips bless his little cotton socks.

He is so sweet and has so much character. I never thought that a bird can play hide and seek, do little cheeky things to get attention, fly to you because they are so exited to see you and sing very loudly when they see out the window. 

It goes to show that all animals are precious.

I don’t understand how these cruel people can go around killing birds or harming animals.

Love and respect for humanity begins

When we love and respect all animals

When you learn to see the beauty around you and find the love and respect for animals, you find peace and appreciation in the life you been given.

Imagine if you was born as a pet or a wild animal, you wouldn’t be able to fight for your rights and enjoy clean and comfortable life as you can now. You don’t have to sit by the door waiting for your family to come home.