I been studying mans’ thinking for many years now. I hope this will be helpful to some of you.


It is no secret that people in search of their other half and when creating families expect unconditional support and love. Unfortunately, often after in and out of relationships many remain feeling frustrated and dissatisfied, they feel misunderstood and unwanted. What are the reasons for these situations?

One of the most common mistakes in their relationships are assuming- that men and women understand love and feelings the same way.
While many have heard the phrase: “Men are from Mars, women – from Venus” and everyone intuitively thinks that a man and a woman has a different nature, still whenever it comes to the time to build a relationship – they demand “equal rights” from each other,
– feel, understand and act the way we do ourselves.

However, in order to create a harmonious relationship it’s important to:

1.Realize and accept the fact that we are different and 2.To want and seek to know your other half as it is and not how we want them to be.

Especially for women it’s important to get to know your partner: as women are more sensitive, has deeper feelings and intuition. That’s why women runs families whole world of emotions and creates an atmosphere in their relationships. For the woman, it is important that the man protects and cares for her, allowing to her to feel safe, heard and be grateful for the wonderful gift of life – for her. When women realize they are appreciated and in order to express her love, the woman then tries to be the same with her man – caring, trying to provide a permanent feeling of closeness and encourages him to talk, when he has bad days.

So what happens to men then? 

Unfortunately, men feel weak when their woman mothers them too much. They feel comfortable, but don’t understand those feelings as expressions of love. Sometimes they simply can’t stand excessive concern. This is not surprising, if we can understand what men really want. There are two needs men have:

1.To feel wanted.

2.To have some personal space.

Of course, because of these needs, they often have conflicts in the family and with their inner selves. Married men feel needed, but not free. Single – free, but not needed. So imagine, a man is married, but his wife is always unhappy – in this case the man does not feel neither free nor needed.

How women show love to their man and how do men see it ?

She wants to give a feeling of closeness, tries to understand the man and get him to talk. Asking: “Honey, why are you so quiet? What is wrong with you? Is everything alright? Why won’t you talk to me? “, she believes that this is her showing love and concern. A man thinks: “She is so annoying, why do I need to talk now, I want to be left alone and reflect on everything?”

Analysis of this situation: a woman is aware of her feelings and thoughts, which she know how to deal with while talking to other people, a man – has to think everything through first.

Woman thanks compliments her man on his qualities: how handsome he is, smart and active, so this may make the man to become big headed or he may think she is trying too hard so he won’t appreciate the compliments. When a woman thanks her partner for what he is not best at or what he done, then gets pleasured. “Honey, you done so well scrubbing the sink out – without you I wouldn’t have done it,” or “You cut the grass so evenly- you are good at these things” – these compliments makes the man feel needed and pleases his ego.

What to do so your love can give a man “wings”?

  1. Make him feel manly. 

It is very common these days that a woman takes the lead in the family and with her strict attitude, makes the man feel small. Then we wonder why there are so many weak men who avoid responsibility and are without determination to achieve something. Man nature – is to take care of their family. Therefore a woman has to give her man strength and build their confidence by appreciating what they do.

      2. How to give them the feeling of freedom?  

Sometimes men need to be left alone. Being able to go into your cave. This can be an office, separate room, gym – it is important that he is there alone, and no one distracts him.To overcome anger, the man has to be left alone in order to overcome the difficulties.

The most important woman’s’ decision – to not try and sort things out, to allow him to be on his own and reflect on everything. Wise woman allows her man to have his personal space so that he can refill his energy levels and when he fully realizes how much he appreciates and loves his partner which will make him run back to you, full of joy.

It will be much easier for the woman to allow the man to be on his own, if feels good by herself: meeting up with friends, pamper herself and improve her well-being. It is important not to not sit around and wait for the man to return, because the tension women feel, a man can feel it too.

And one more thing, the men have to meet up with their male friends. Never try and stop him from doing so. Even if they only meet up for a beer or to watch football. It’s important women learn to accept it. Men appreciate and love women who take them for who they are. This is the greatest proof of love for her man.