Life is given to us to work hard and achieve our goals, but at the same time Enjoy It!


We enjoy the attention from adults, play outdoors, build indoor tents, laugh and explore a lot without realizing what we have ahead of our lives. We learn a lot in our childhood, enjoy school and homework. Kids are so open to new things, only if some adults could learn from youngsters to enjoy little things and look forward to the future.

Teenage Years

As we enter our teenage years we start hating school, homework and we no longer need too much attention from adults. We just want to be left alone. By this time we have close friends, fake friends and bad friends who give us bad influence. We want to turn 18 as soon as possible so we can be adults and to stop being bossed around by our parents. Time seems to fly by.

Early 20’s 

Parties, loads of new friends, drinking, studying and enjoying adult life. Our memories of teenage years seem foggy and we think to ourselves- “What have I done then?”, “What was my friend’s name?”… All these memories seems to come back in flash backs. I personally remember some moments, but can’t remember dates or how old I was when it happened. We think to ourselves, it’s already been 10 years, wow I am getting old.

Over 25

Some already have made their families and some are still enjoying a single life. We are fully responsible for our own bills, house and housework. We give all of our time to work and other responsibilities. Sometimes we stop and think- “Soon I will be 30- Soon will be same age my mum is now (Close to 50)…” I need to do something”. We then realize that parties and friends are not the same. We catch ourselves stuck at home on a weekend while others are out partying, putting pictures on social media and giving you drunken calls to let you know how much fun they are having.

After we turn 25 our years seem to fly by. Our birthdays start to come sooner and sooner. It’s unstoppable! 

Life is short. We never know how many days we have left. You book a holiday 6 months before your flight, fall out with family or disrespect others, but how do you know you will still be here few months down the line? To make up with everyone and to enjoy life?

Only you can make your life fun… Go swimming, holidays, enjoy your time with people around you, stay healthy, look forward to tomorrow, plan and make a difference in everything around you.

Fall in love with yourself, give love to others, let other people know how special they are, call them more often, have coffee dates and try not to get stuck in your routine. Try and forget heartbreaks…

“It’s never too late to make a fresh START”