I thought i will share this with everyone, I wish I knew about this earlier.

I know what it feels like when doctors don’t take your physical conditions seriously. You keep telling them how hard your life can be some days when you have Fibromyalgia, arthritis, spinal problems or any other rheumatic conditions.

I have tried many painkillers and anti-inflammatory medication, but you can only take them for song, because it involves side effects after prolonged use and it stops working soon enough.

Evenings and mornings are the worst- stiffness, pain, numbness and muscle spasms. Not a good start to the day right?  Especially when you don’t have anyone there to give you a relaxing massage.

I tried everything- gels, creams, stretching and exercise, but there is always something missing and can take very long to improve.

You don’t have to have physical conditions to need some relaxing time for you, a good massage or muscle tension relief.

So a week ago I bought “Heating Massage Belt” from Amazon for £23.95, quite cheap for what it can do.

I was very skeptical, but it actually works, it gives you a vibrating massage and heat if required (there are different speeds and modes). It gave me relief from pain straight away. So so happy and that’s why I wanted to share this with everyone.

This belt is also good to assist you in loosing weight too. 

If any of you decide in trying this belt let me know if it worked for you.