So guys this special Valentines Day is coming up, the pressure is on you to make that day special for your Girlfriend/ Wife.

Not to surprise her would be the worst mistake. So I am sharing some simple ideas on how to do just that.

1. Picnic 

On this day you should forget all responsibilities and concentrate on one each other. Dress up warmly, take a thermos and embark on a mysterious journey. Visit places which which reminds you of special moments you had. Share memories, eat and enjoy one another.

2. Natural Flowers 

It’s very rare for women not to like flowers. Maybe bright red roses are a bit old fashioned, so why not get some different looking flowers or home grown and stick it in her hair, this will definitely make any women’s heart melt.

3. Relaxing Massage

Just think, how you get goose bumps all over your body when someone gently touches your skin. This is exactly how you can make your tired girlfriend relax and make her feel very special and pampered.

4. Jewelry

 Every woman like to look beautiful. Of course, the most beautiful women are the ones in love. Some earrings or a simple necklace will make her feel and look extra special.

5. A Picture 

Do you two enjoy taking pictures of your special moments? If your answer is yes, you can get a personalized mug, phone case, frame or pillow cases with a picture of your smiling faces.

6. Love Letter 

Write a letter, short long it doesn’t matter. Tell her how much you love and appreciate her. She will definitely keep this letter for the rest of her life. Some people find it easier to express their feelings in writing rather than saying out loud.

7. Romantic Dinner for 2 

It doesn’t have to be a 3 course meal. Just a simple meal you can cook or a recipe you can follow, candles and wine/ juice served in nice glasses.

7. DIY 

If your are in to DIY then make something yourself for her to keep or eat. This will be something your girlfriend/ wife will never forget.

Quick and easy to make. 

Other examples of things you can get your girlfriend/ wife…

If You have any questions and get personalized ideas, contact me using the contact page.

Good luck!