I thought that people grieve when someone close to them dies or their loved one has a long-term illness.

Grieving after Death

People experience tears, sadness, memories, anger and happiness. The pain seems unbearable and nothing else matters in the world. We become emotionally numb… It seems like life will carry on like this forever.

At first we find it hard to believe that the person who passed away will never be physically present in our lives. We will no longer hear their voice, laugh or have any kind of communication.

Then we start blaming ourselves for not doing or saying enough before they were gone. We can’t enjoy life, more like we feel guilty for doing so. But as times goes by we learn to live with the memories, because it’s the only thing we have left.

Grieving for someone Alive

Sometimes people walk out of our lives sooner than we expected, be it a friend or someone we loved.

We suddenly start to grieve. Memories come crashing down, sadness and anger kicks in. But why does this happen? It happens, because that person is no longer a part of our lives. They are still alive, but we are no longer able to contact them or have any communication.

This grief is more severe if there are children involved. You are then reminder of that person everyday, of the love and times you had together.

This happened to me… I thought he will come back, that he will regret walking away and change his mind. But that didn’t happen.

To this day I have so many unanswered questions and so many I want to ask.

“You are so close, yet so far”