When my mother told me she knew what will roughly happen in a certain situation I kept saying to her- “Mum, this can’t be true, you are only assuming”. And the things would come true- “Mum, are you a witch?”, she would assure me that she felt it, she knew, but couldn’t explain why.

On few occasions I have experienced a strange and overwhelming intuition myself. But at that moment I thought it was nothing, but then the thought would come true or the person who came to my mind had something happen to them.

Sometimes it would come as visions and sometimes just as normal thoughts, followed by a strange feeling in my heart and butterflies in my stomach.

Cheating Ex Partner

I was dating someone, everything was going well until he started acting strange. I thought that’s not right. Then suddenly those visions of him and his ex girlfriend started coming in to my head. I felt so unwell in myself. I kept seeing faint images of him and her meeting at the airport.

Soon after that I found out he went back to his country to see her and she met him at the airport. I was shocked by what happened, but what shocked me the most was the intuition and images in my head… How could this be so accurate? Who’s and what is looking out for me, I thought.

Friend’s Death

I met my friend’s brother (Adam) for a coffee, our conversation started about his brother/ my friend (Tom).

Suddenly I had this same strange feeling in my chest. I told Adam, because I thought something bad will happen to me on my way home. He jokingly said-“It may be a good feeling”. But I knew it definitely felt like a bad one.

Soon after the conversation I made my way home… Nothing happened to me. I thought-“That’s just exhaustion causing all this paranoia”.

Next morning Adam called…

Adam:- “He is gone…”

Me:- “Who is gone?”

Adam:- “Tom..”

Me:- “What do you mean he is gone?”

Adam:- “He hung himself early this morning.”

Me:- “Are you joking? No wonder Tom’s girlfriend asked me to call him, he called her, apologized for everything and the phone fell to the floor, I did call him…There was no answer, because he was already gone…”

I cried so hard for our loss, but at the same time I felt guilty, how didn’t I know…, why couldn’t this intuition be more precise. If it was more in detail I could have saved his life.

What people are going to say…

On many occasions I knew what my friends or family were going to say. They would wonder and question me on how I knew what they were thinking, they told me it scared them. Of course if we were in the days where witches were killed for these kind of things, I guess my I would be one of them, because this isn’t normal, or is it?

I don’t know what causes this. All I know it’s not a coincidence. I know there is more behind  this. People don’t seem to believe this and tells me that this is silly or it’s simply my imagination.