A lot of unnecessary worries cometumblr_o9tvovduvj1r32nq8o1_400 from you trying to not make mistakes, to impress other people so they don’t disagree with you and support you at all times.

Another important cause is- worrying about getting hurt, loosing things or people you love.

This is called concern about events  or concern about the world. You have high desire for things to go smoothly, so you put pressure on yourself to achieve what people want you to achieve.

Comparing yourself to others-putting pressure on yourself to live up to other people’s achievements and expectations. Trying to always do things right and be as good as you can be.

For many years all those causes applied to me until I have learned to do things for myself and achieve what I am capable of achieving. I used to preassure myself to impress others, gain better reputation, over cleaning my house so people who visit can see I take care of my house and adapting to peoples needs.

But you can’t live like this forever, because enxiety disturbs your sleep, fills your mind with worries and stops you from enjoying life which is short as it is.

“In the end people come and go, so the only person you have to impress the most is YOURSELF.”