What is the point of Living? 

Some people who suffer from depression ask themselves that question very often. Even people who are perfectly healthy wonders from time to time.

We need to live for others and ourselves too. There is no other person in this world who owns the same soul, mind or body.

No one else will help others the way you can help them, because people have different ideas and plans.

Of course, non of us can save the world, stop the war or cruelty. But we can be the ones to save someone’s day, put a smile on their face, save an animal, defend and help the vulnerable and make a difference by being magical, wonderful you.


Be yourself. Some will like you and some won’t, but the ones who will love you for you, will need your presence in their life.
You may not see or know how important you are to someone, but believe me some people can’t live without your smile, the sound of your laugh, your advice, silly jokes or without the whole you.

Imagine how would you feel and what you would miss if someone you love would be gone tomorrow. What would you miss?… you would miss them for them, he or she is an individual who is a little part of you. Who means something in your life.

We all have been brought in to this world for a reason. You will only understand when you get older. You will look back to understand that your actions meant a lot for some and the whole world to others.

“Learn to love yourself and shower others with your beauty.”