I never used to enjoy my Birthdays. I used to think- Gosh, I’m getting old which I didn’t want, I didn’t want to reach 30+ or 40+. Later 20’s I liked birthdays for partying and presents.

But now I enjoy this special day, because that’s the day I find out who really cares and put’s in the effort in ti our friendship. Few closer friends show their dedication to our friendship all year round and some only show up when it suits them.

So this year is the year I decided to clean up my list of friends, the year I want good people around me.

In the past 10 years I’ve learned to enjoy:

♥ The life I live         ♥Things I experienced

♥ People I met          ♥ Feelings I felt

♥ People I helped    ♥ Things I’ve seen

♥ Everything I achieved

Thank you to all my Family and Friends for helping me to be me and to lead my life in the right direction.

Also Thanks to all the People reading my Blog.