In your whole lifetime people will hurt you, talk behind your back and make stories up to just ruin your life. But why try to ruin someones life when they may be already going through a lot. They don’t know what happens behind closed doors or what happens in your beautiful mind.

Many individuals can’t lead a drama free life, some need that excitement of other sadness and anger. They need that adrenaline to charge their emotional batteries. Those people are usually called “Emotional Vampires”.

Emotional vampires are- people who are capable of sucking your serenity and optimism right out of you. They can not only drain your physical energy, but also make you believe you are worthless, useless and not lovable.

I had one friend as above in my life in the past who couldn’t help but drain other people’s’ energies, talk about them behind their back and be nice to them when face to face.

My now ex friend apologized for the stories she made up about me, offered to go on her knees if needed, but I told her that all this isn’t going to change things between us or isn’t going to change her drinking habits. She wasn’t compromising with life to make her family and children happy, so she definitely wasn’t going to do that for me. There and then I told her- I forgive you for everything you have done, but you killed this friendship with your own hands”.

“Just because someone desires you, doesn’t mean they value You”

You can’t stay angry at those damaged individuals. You may not be able to keep the friendship or relationship going and you decide swiping them out of your life… Forgive them.

It could be that something went wrong in their childhood, during their teenage or adult years.

Save yourself from disappointmets and hurt. Life is hard as it is, we don’t need troubled people making us feel any worse than we already are feeling.


“Forgiveness is not something we do for other people…
We do it for ourselves to move on.”


Author: KMinderland