Hey all everyone,

Today is the beginning to the waiting game. I am currently awaiting on some results and may not be able to post for few days as my motivation is just not here.

I am usually the one who inspires and motivates everyone around me, but the worrying is overtaking my mind. I don’t usually worry, but at this moment it’s a very difficult time for me and the people who surround me.

Today I was so motivated and inspired, but when I opened my post, everything changed.

But I am still trying to stay positive and joke about it, but I can see that people around me are more worried than myself.

I know we can’t change or understand some things in life. But it is very important to stay positive no matter what.

♥ So thank you all for reading and following my posts. 

♥ Thanks to my family and friends for trying to be more positive than me. You all me so much to me. they always try to encourage me, understand me and always tells me everything will be OK.

At this time I am saying NO to depression, but… yes to Worry. It’s normal to worry, because it’s okay to be afraid.


Written By: Kminderland

Drawing By: K Minderland