At some point in our lives we were all victims of racism or discrimination.

People with Disabilities, mental illnesses and different races often suffer from those ignorant people who don’t know anything about other peoples’ situations.There is no need to pay too much attention to their comments unless there is physical abuse involved. It is also very important to report those kind of situations as soon as possible. Because who gives those people the right to make fun of you just because you are different.

You achieved so much in life, you are a wonderful person and the one who makes someone’s life worth living. I guarantee you that those who choose to bully others, haven’t done much with their lives. They think the country belongs to them, but it definitely doesn’t.


Sadly this happened to me the other day for the first time in 12 years living in the UK. Someone told me to go back to my own country. I reported it, but in my situation, no one wanted to step it. Why? Because the government is allowing people to do so by promoting Brexit and all this hate people have towards each other.

I personally never treated people differently. I don’t care what color you are, what disabilities you have or what traditions you follow. We are all the same as humans, we have same blood and organs in our bodies, the only thing which makes us different is our appearances. Many people I know are so amazing, I don’t think we would get along if they weren’t different.

None of us should put up with this hate and ignorance.

If any of you experience or witness anything like this, don’t be afraid to step in. Assist the individual by recording the incident, this will help speed up the investigation.

We need to speak up, because many more situations will occur in the future.

Let’s make peace, not war.