My mum wrote this amazing letter to me after we had an argument about her trying to control me and make decisions on my behalf. I reminded her I was an adult and this is what she had to say…

My Dear Daughter,

You know how much I love you, but probably you don’t understand how much I care about your life and future.

Many parents by caring a lot about their children’s happiness, start to live their life for them. This is the worse what parents can do for their children by trying to “wish them all the best”. I promise you that I will try to not make this mistake, I will try to not control the way you live your life, how to see life or to appreciate it. I will try to share my life experiences with you, if you ask me- give you advice and sometimes warn you.

Even if I am wrong sometimes, I will never stop loving you649dc70681bf17519b868cdfabf9dd26

However, you will have to live this life yourself.

Remember, you will make fewer mistakes in life if you will be able to love and respect yourself. But to love yourself and to not become selfish- is very hard.

However, daughter, life doesn’t have to become just running into imaginary perfection. You have to live life, see it’s beauty, enjoy simple things, find real values- save it and look after it.

I know that the time will come when you will come to me and say- “Mum, I am in love”…

Yes darling, it’s a wonderful feeling, which can take you up in to the starts… But only when this feeling is respected by two people.

However, even those so wonderful feelings are not enough for a beautiful, meaningful and responsible life together- There also has to be mutual duties.

Some time ago I found these beautiful words, now I dedicate them to you:

” Now I am a girl, tomorrow I will be a mother. Nature gave me a noble mission- to replicate myself in my children and the one I will love…

I have to be wise, strict, prudent, proud and unavailable. I have to be hundred times wiser than my husband, the father of my children, because in continuing the family, the spirit of mankind, conservation and propagation missions, the nature gave me much greater responsibility than him.”

Complicated person- Complicated is their life. However, life is all made of small things which must not be dismissed, because those little things will just buid up.

I could tell you a lot about life, but then this letter would become the whole book.

My lovely daughter, be strong, have success, experience real love, get to know your responsibilities, caring and respect.

I hope you can stay happy at all times.

Your Loving Mum…

— ♥ —

Translated from Lithuanian.