So many times people assume that individuals who are depressed- are definitely crazy, harm to others, are they are there to take advantage of… But they are wrong!

We may cry, be sensitive, harm ourselves physically or emotionally, react to things sensitively at times, become distant, find it hard to maintain close relationships, have mood swings, pretend we are happy, forget to enjoy life and be different, but we are definitely not crazy.


So what if you have a fake smile on your face sometimes… That’s not crazy! Many people who lead a life without emotional baggage have to use this fake smiling business. We don’t do it because we don’t like someone, we never aim it at anyone… But they do. They use their fake smile to blend in to a group of people where they are most likely disliked for who they are. Us- we are always who we are, because we don’t beat around the bushes, we know who our true friends and we don’t need approval from others.

Self-harm… That’s not crazy! Yes, we may not know how to express our feelings or how to express our frustrations, but self harm is treatable. We don’t cause harm to others, we actually do the opposite- always protect, support and love others, even tho we may think or actually not get the same in return.

Alcohol or drug Abuse… That’s not crazy! Some individuals who suffer from depression may experience a chapter in their life where they try to cope by being intoxicated. Many of us have been there. But that doesn’t make us any different or bad, it doesn’t mean our life is over and we will be this way forever.

Crying and being sensitive… That’s not crazy! Just because sometimes we react to situations and words more sensitively, it doesn’t mean we are crazy and out of control. Many people deal with things in their own way. In the way that suits them best. Us- we sometimes choose to just cry it out.

Emotional punishment… That’s not crazy! Sometimes we are too hard on ourselves, but that doesn’t mean we are crazy for doing so. We just like to think things through two times more than others, to make sure we don’t say anything bad to hurt others. And if we do by mistake hurt someone’s feelings, we choose to punish ourselves for it.

Finding it hard to maintain close relationships… That’s not crazy! Our fear, guilt and sensitive nature makes it hard for us to sometimes maintain close relationships with those we love. But we still do, people who love us and take their time to get to know our illness knows, that we are there for them and we only need that little reassurance at times.


Some may think that it is easy to hurt or make fun of us, but sometimes individuals like us have a better immune system to bad emotions, than those who have no idea of what depression is.

On few occasions people thought I will be the one to cause drama, but I was sometimes the one to actually handle unpleasant situations better than others, because Yes- I do over think everything and this sometimes helps me exit arguments “unharmed”.

Don’t let others call you crazy. Because you’re not and never will be!