Love yourself. You’re just uniquely unequaled. No one else has ever been like you and no one else will ever be, never. Accept it, love it and celebrate it.


Do you know the difference between a successful person and unsuccessful? What is the difference between a person with a balanced and harmonious relationship and the one who lives with constant anger?

They love themselves and accept what they see in the mirror every morning. They accept their thoughts, ideas and decisions.

One of the most pleasurable felling is Love– sweet, beautiful and gives meaning to life. Love, happiness and luck are very similar to each other.

Someone who is in love is happy, and happy people are usually very successful.

Why don’t you begin to love by loving yourself first?

To answer this question, you need to understand few things first. For starters, think about something you really love unconditionally. This can be a child, a cat, dog, girl, boy or an old memory.

Just by thinking about it, pay attention on how you start to get this warm feeling- Love. The deeper you go in to your memories the stronger the love you feel.

So where do you find this kind of love?

Yes, exactly- inside yourself.  

We tend to think that only a person, our surroundings or a choice can give us that feeling, but all this time it has been hiding inside you.

It means, you always have that feeling.

A feeling for which you could do anything and everything. You carry it inside your beautiful self. You only associate it with the outside world.

Happiness is always there inside of you. Only you tend to choose to look in to the opposite direction.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year and for the rest of your life you have to live with yourself.

If you always love and feel yourself, you will always be happy and have whatever feelings you want in this world.

If you decide to take that risk and decide to fall in love with yourself, most likely your life will change. Will change for better.

Just imagine how freely you would be able to express yourself, if you fell in love with your flaws, all the feelings you have, agreed to your thoughts and ideas.

Relationships with people would definitely improve, because you would stop trying to get approval from others.


How can a person give you love if they don’t know how to love themselves? It would be the same as going to a bankrupt bank to ask for money- you won’t get anything.

However, if you love yourself, other people will be able to sense, that you have something you can share. That the sparkle in your eyes reflect your pleasure of life. They will feel attracted to your enthusiasm, smile and that childish carelessness, which will make you feel/ look alive.

Love will allow you to open so many doors in life. And because positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative, by being the positive person you will attract positive situations, luck and will feel like you are really worth all that.

Usually, due to lack of love for yourself, you struggle to achieve your goals and desires. If you don’t love someone you will not fulfil their needs. Same goes to us, we give ourselves as much as we love and accept ourselves.

Love is a permit.

A permit to have, win, share, feel fulfilled and to feel loved.

It’s hard to find any flaws when you love yourself. So why don’t you try and next time you look in the mirror, honestly tell yourself- “I LOVE YOU!”.