You once had dreams and plans. Then one day time came for you to experience some heart breaks, worry, losing someone you love or loosing your job. All those bad moments of your life sucked all the energy, passion and inspiration out of you. At that point you thought there can be no way back to how you used to be.

You only seem to see boredom and an uninspired emptiness in yourself.

Even the most inspirational people experience this at one point in their lives.

I was stuck in that dark place many times in my life. It felt like someone forgot to add colours to the things around me. It felt like an empty colouring book which was lacking life in it.

When you lack inspiration and passion, getting the spark back  seems impossible.

You are not asking for anything big, all you want is passion and life back in to your world.

There is hope. All you need to do, is to follow this recipe. It will help you cook something on the fire of your new passion and inspiration.


Loosen up 

Being uninspired and feeling detached from the world around us, can often makes feel slow in doing things or in creating ideas which was so simple before. If you want to improve your mental state, try to do something that will involve physical activities- dancing, walking, running, yoga or meditation. Anything to make that body of yours do some stretching. This will clear your mind, thinking and it  will become healthier too.

Do something new

Even if you are feeling very down and flat at the moment, do something spontaneous. Something you don’t usually do or haven’t done in a long time. Gain knowledge on a new hobby, study or just get out and about. Doing things which will stop you thinking, will give you that inspiration. You need action and new things to happen. Concentrate on something else but your gray side of mind.


Don’t dwell on your black and white thinking

Just because you are not feeling inspired or passionate at this moment, don’t blame or punish yourself for feeling this way. This is definitely not going to last forever and this is not you. The bad thoughts come from those little dark cells in our brains. But keep fighting and you will soon be able to add colour to it.

Be proud of your uniqueness 

You have been brought in to this world for a reason. No one else on this earth owns your creativity, skills, strengths or talents. We all have something to offer. So accept and own your uniqueness. Share the gifts you have been given with other people. We are all each other’s teachers.


Get your creativity back

Fight for your creativity. Get if back. As Albert Einstein said: “Creativity is contagious Passion”. So try to infect someone with your passion and creativity. Once that happens you will be able to keep creating unique ideas and help others do the same.


Use a pen and paper. Write your thoughts or past experiences down on that paper. Write not because you have to, but do it to make your mind clutter free. You never know, writing may bring new inspirations.


Focus on the fun

Very often we expect too much from ourselves. We focus on schedules and details, forgetting the most important things in our lives. So do whatever makes you smile. For once, let yourself do the things that make you happy.

Meet up with friends or new people

Meeting people will help you stay away from those dark brain cells. Go out, make conversations or just sit there and listen to what people have to say. Listening to other people conversations may be a big push towards passion and inspiration.

When i can’t get inspired I tend to seek inspiration from others. Their stories sometimes makes me appreciate what I have. And I can then slowly feel the colours and smells coming back in to my life.


Check symptoms of depression

Even if you have depression or this is very new to you. Always keep an eye on the symptoms of depression. If it is depression, seeking help in time will help you in the long run.

Albert Einstein:

” I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.”

“We can’t solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

“Life is like a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”