Many people take pleasant feelings as a sign that their life is heading in to the right direction, their attitude and way of living is bringing out good results. But as soon as something bad happens, the individual sees it as a threat, which makes them fight for their survival. That’s when they start to fight those bad feelings by trying to mask or to suppress them.


A fight with your own feelings is like a trying to walk against strong winds. Of course, sometimes it may be hard to accept and admit that surviving them is a necessary part of life. Some feelings are wonderful, some not so welcome and some no one ever wants to have. Every individual has their own pallete, one that would be bad for one person may be manageable by the other.

Many people tend to supress and hide unpleasant feelings. However, feelings affect your behavior, mood, relationship with yourself and with the things around you. With regards to the feelings, the well-known pleasant feelings are- joy, satisfaction and love. Not many questions arise on how to survive and cope with them.
However, how do you recognise and accept the less pleasant feelings- anger, jealousy, sorrow, sadness and misery. Should you just push them away? Pretend nothing is wrong? Or just hide and try to supress what is so depressing inside?


First, you need to realise that this will require some hard work. Secondly, it will require a lot of time, motivation and desire to understand and get to know your inner feelings.

In order to understand the world of your feelings, you will need to realise that a thought comes first, then it’s followed by a feeling.  Sometimes the process is so fast that you often fail to understand which thought triggered such sensuous reaction. That’s why it’s important to stop for a moment and dig deeper.


Ask yourself, what did just happen to make me so upset? It could be that your friend said something hurtful. In order to understand your feelings better, you need to think on how your friend’s words made you feel. Did you feel hurt, betrayed and that’s what caused this deep sadness?

Getting to know your feelings is getting to know yourself. Because your feelings often reflect your true inner world, your expectations, hopes, desires, needs and fears.

It is important to keep in mind, that feelings are neither bad nor good. They can only be pleasant or unpleasant. But they are all so necessary and brings a lot of colours in to our lives.