Every day and moment of your life you will meet people who will change your life, the directions of paths your take and the decisions you make.

We are often surrounded by people who make us happy. Usually it’s family and friends, who loves and accepts us for who we are. There are also people who steps in to our lives just for a moments and makes a big happy change. And then there the ones who step in and forget to wipe their shoes, which leaves you with dirty footsteps on your emotions and your soul.

I want to make it easier for you to avoid getting dirt on your inner emotions.

Types of people you Need in your life


A good example

It’s nice to meet someone who will be a good example to you and others. Someone who’s foots steps you can follow, improve yourself and your everyday life. This person is probably the most amazing individual whose character and principles you would happily take over. When you meet this type of person and learn from them, you will want to be better yourself.


This person will encourage and inspire you to use all the possibilities in life. If you met or ever get to meet this type of person, you would understand even more how special, unique, strong and beautiful you are. These people are always trying to encourage others to reach for their goals, dreams and to achieve as much as they can in their power.


The listener

When we experience those dark times in our lives, we all need a person who can sit there and listen to what we have to say without interrupting, judging or trying to give their opinions. When you want to get the baggage out in the open, the last thing you want is to be judged or talked over. If you have this type of person in your life- hold them tight.


Each individual usually gets one true soulmate out of all the friends they have. A soulmate is more than just a friend. They are the only ones to understand your feelings and thoughts, regardless of how complicated they could be at times. And such thoughts often your soulmate will be the only to know about. With this individual, you always feel relaxed and you can be yourself at all times. Even if you have those awkward silent moments, you still have that wonderful connection.


The wise one

You are already surrounded by lots of smart people, but it’s very difficult to find that one really wise person. That individual doesn’t always have to be someone older or someone who solved many issues. This person may be the one to give you the one and only advice, which could make a big difference. If you do get to meet this type of person, then remember, that shows you have similar visions and principles. Both of you will definitely be able to overcome obstacles in life.


Types of people you should Avoid


Good and bad moods are very contagious. It’s OK to cry on someone’s shoulder once in a while or to tell them what is bothering you. But you wouldn’t want an individual in your life who would constantly moan about everything- the weather, their life, the things they do or things people say to them. You would become emotionally drained out and would soon realise that your life is becoming as negative as theirs is. That’s how those types of people are and nothing can or will change the way they look at everything.

Two faced

This type of individual will pretend to care about you and your life, but as soon as you turn around they will stab you straight in the back. Of course, we all deserve a second chance in life, but that is your decision to make on why and if they deserve that chance. If they do carry on making the same mistake, then try to avoid them. These individuals can’t be trusted with the information coming from you or your life.


Bad Influence

Someone who will drag you out to go for few drinks, even though they are aware you have work very early in the morning, offers you to start smoking or when they know you are trying to lose weight, they are the ones to pay you a visit with pizzas and fatty foods. Either they are doing this for no reason or there is a reason behind this, bad influence is something you don’t need in your life. You need someone to pick you up when you fall, not to drag you down in to a darker hole.


Those types of people are very selfish, manipulative and energy sucking individuals. They will try and make you feel low, stupid and someone who is on a lower level than themselves. Based on my personal experience- from calm and passionate person, you will become stressed and start to question yourself if the knowledge you have is really enough. They will slowly poison you with their narcissistic ways.