Today’s weather has inspired me and I hope it inspires you too.

Springtime is that time of the year for the songs to be sang by birds, for the sun to shine and for the things to be done. On dull weather days, the enthusiasm sometimes disappears and all you want to do is stay warm and cozy at home.

Good news are that to spring clean your mind, you don’t have to go anywhere, only advisable.

Same like you spring clean your home, you also need to do the same to your mind and soul. You need to declutter your emotions and thoughts. You need to scrub it and bin whatever is no longer needed from your inner world.


Alone Time

Find time to go through your inner belongings. Yoga, meditation and walking are some of so needed activities to help you connect with your inner self. Take some time away from all external distractions and start visualizing on how you want to feel in your life.


If you feel unsettled about what you said, done or haven’t done to another person, give them a call or see them and offer an explanation or an apology. Even if you didn’t mean it, an honest apology or explanation can clear the discomfort you are experiencing and repair damaged relationships with people.   


Forgive your Faults

It’s easy to overlook other people’s faults, than it is to let go of your own. Sometimes you get stuck in bringing yourself down. If you dwell on your past mistakes or experiences, this will lead self-critical feelings and thoughts. Acknowledge that you will make mistakes and will face bad experiences, but it’s possible to learn from it and still maintain self-acceptance.

Be truthful

It’s very important to be emotionally honest with yourself and those around you. By doing this you will feel relieved, deepen your connection with friends and family and will allow them to offer you required support. Being emotionally honest will not make them think any different of you or make you look weak. Not being truthful causes a lot of misunderstandings, which can lead to many broken relationships.


Allow thoughts to flow freely

Don’t be afraid to sit back and allow the thoughts you are usually afraid of to flow freely. Invite them in, file them and close the drawers after.

Say bye to a bad habit

If there is anything holding you back. Be it smoking, drinking, TV or unhealthy foods. Make a plan and get rid of it for good. Consider what the goodbye would do for your life.


Connect with nature

Do you enjoy spending your days indoors? Sometimes it’s very easy to become stuck in your comfort zone. Get out there, reconnect and become friends with the beautiful nature around you. This will help you reconnect with the present moment and thoughts. It’s amazing how fresh air can clear your mind, like opening all the windows in your house on a sunny day. As I said in my previous post “The importance of imagination”, don’t be afraid to dive in to your imagination.

Journal your thoughts

Stop going with the flow and start taking control of your thoughts and feelings. You may not realize how cluttered your insides have become until you start articulating them. Writing down your thoughts and feelings down will help you in clearing the unnecessarily occupied space. So invest in a nice journal and pen. Whenever you feel emotionally burdened, write it down.


Stop holding grudges  

Clearing the spillage of these poisonous chemicals will help you clear up emotional space for more positive areas of your life. It’s normal to have range of emotions, including anger and hurt. Make sure you don’t let those emotions occupy your mind and soul permanently.