Depression is like poison. It kills your positive thoughts, confidence, view on love and self-worth. It it affects your vision and stops you from seeing clearly, making everything around you lack colors. img_3738

Sometimes it makes you feel empty, incomplete and unsatisfied. The inner emptiness makes you emotionally numb. This causes you to stop caring about what you and others feel. Before emotional numbness affected you, you found joy in all the things you did. You could feel love, which made you so alive and you was able to find inspiration in everything around you.


You need to stay strong and fight for what you was and what you want to be. You can be the blossoming flower again. The flower which blossoms everyday with the help of your inner light and beauty. You can look at the trees, the sun, the world around you and be able to enjoy what you see. Don’t be afraid, just be strong.


Declutter  your inner home. Get rid of those old spiderwebs and dust. Get rid of those no longer needed guests and tell them to go their way, because they are no longer welcome in your mind. You need your inner home peace, cleanliness and fresh beginning.


Invite positive emotions and joy back in to your life. Get your confidence back, think only good things about yourself and most importantly- believe in yourself and your abilities. You are stronger than you think and you can do more than you believe you can.



Featured Image: klarem