I decided to help someone cope with this quiet loneliness. I can’t call myself lonely, because I have a son and a annoying cat. But when my son goes to sleep or even when he is awake I do sometimes lack adult communication. I have been living on my own for 3 years now, at first I thought I will not be able to cope- how can someone be able to live on their own?

The answer is- you can!

In order to avoid loneliness introduce music in to your lonely times, you need to start digging in to your hobbies, favorite activities and do some thinking.

Here are some things to Do 

Avoid Sweeping Assertions 

When you are all alone at home, feeling lonely you may think: “My friends always avoid spending time with me” or “My friends never bother to invite me anywhere”. But those sweeping assertions will only make you sink deeper in to your loneliness. Such thoughts will make you isolate yourself, make you feel lonely and make you feel like an outcast.

Start Changing the Way you feel about being Lonely 

Stop looking at it as a sad situation to be in. Look at it as more you time, more thinking and problem solving time. Which will be beneficial to you in the long run. Don’t just sleep, watch TV or play video games. Do something for you and your house. Come up with new ideas and start making them become reality.


Don’t sit around waiting for people to call or text you first. Be the first to contact them to show you care and that you want to spend time with them. Socializing is good for your well-being and better emotional health. You don’t need to do it often to the point you become too tired to do it again. Once or twice a week is more than enough.



Go out there, explore your city or even your country if you are in to that kind of travelling. Capture it, write or talk about it, just do which ever makes you happy the most. Exploring will definitely kick loneliness straight in the back side.


If you don’t already have a hobby, find the one you enjoy the most and are good at. You don’t have to be perfect as long as it makes you happy and helps you get those emotions out, go for it.

I personally do a lot of writing and I’m trying to get back in to drawing. Just those two little things make me happy and I quickly forget about loneliness.

Pamper Yourself

This is the time to look after yourself better. Nice bath, face mask or even a date for one. Kids or no kids, find that time for YOU. At the end of the day your little body goes against this big world everyday.

Whatever you do, don’t look at loneliness as a bad thing. Try and find the positive things in it. Just think of the things you can’t do when someone is there. Also remember to not be afraid of loneliness. It may seem scary, but it can teach you a lot too.

Being on my own thought me more about myself, thing I want in life and what I expect from people in order for them to stay in my life.