As mentioned in my previous post, writing a journal is a good way to get rid of cluttered thoughts and feelings. A journal is your therapist and a friends who listens to you 24/7 without judging or saying anything back.

  • You can tell your journal things you wouldn’t dare verbalize to friends and family. It helps you to better understand your feelings and emotions. This will help free up thinking space so you can find ways to sort your current situation.
  • Looking back over your journal you will be able to track your personal patterns of behavior that help you to respond effectively to challenges and deal with bad emotions. If you are feeling low, this will help you find the ways you dealt with those emotions in the past.
  • It’s inexpensive and you can use it anywhere. Whenever you want to write or have an idea pop in to your head, your friend is always there to listen.
  • Writing a journal will make your creativity to blossom. You will find a better connection to your inner self, because when you write in to your journal you have a dialogue with your inner life.

FREE Printable Cards for Your Journal

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