Same time last year I was in a very deep grieving process over my friend who passed due to suicide. I was in a very dark and sad place. I never thought I will ever find the courage to write as much as I do now. I never really thought I could. And now with the help of WordPress and my followers I am here helping others and sharing my knowledge.

I enjoy reading and getting to know peoples’ blogs, it is so relaxing especially when I can’t do my own writing and need some uplifting myself.

You are all so amazing with your thoughts, ideas and advice. Some of you don’t even imagine how talented you are, but you need to believe in yourself, because the contents I read sometimes are so good. Many of your posts have such deep thoughts and emotions flowing in your writing.

We all complete each other and I hope we continue to do so.

So THANK YOU to all my lovely Followers. You are like so important to me.