Love is a magical feeling which some of us happily indulge in, some are afraid of what it has in mind for us or how it will change you and your future.

You are more likely to fear love and closeness if you have been hurt badly or been in a bad relationship. If you was with a bully, you will always assume and fear it will happen again.

But you have to remember- everyone’s different and every relationship will bring you different experiences, feelings and you’ll create new memories.



Sometimes you day dream about love and what kind of person you would like to meet, but the anxiety stops you from enjoying your imagination. Remember when you was younger, you would go so deep in to your thoughts and you would draw your future love in your mind. When you get older and have already experienced love or liked someone, that becomes harder to achieve.

Just because you was hurt it doesn’t mean it has to be or it will be that way in the future. Positive mind and self-love will attract the right one for you soon. You just have to be patient and in the meanwhile study yourself and your needs. 

Even if you suffer from anxiety, depression or any other conditions, when the time and a person is right for you, they will like you for who you are.

Forget the Heartbreaks 

As hard as it may seem, try and put those heartbreaks behind. It may resurface again when you start dating someone new, but try and remember they are not the person who broke your hear, they are unique in their own way. 

Love and Respect Yourself

In order to love your partner you have to learn the art of loving and respecting yourself first. To be able to give more love and attention to others you have to do it to yourself on daily basis. Not only will this make you look and feel happy, it will give you that sparkle in your eyes.

Go Over Your Fears 

If you are scared of feelings or doing something you think will hurt you again…don’t be afraid to try it again. It will be a different experience and it may even heal the wounds from your past. Just because it happened before or it made you feel unpleasant, it doesn’t mean you will feel the same this time.

Let Yourself have Feelings

Having feelings is scary. Maybe in the past that’s what caused some heartaches or bad emotions. But in order to experience the beauty of love, you have to allow yourself to feel again. Even if it doesn’t work out, at least you will know you have tried. If you don’t try, you may regret for not doing so and that may cause you to feel even more heartbroken.

Take step at a time and you will keep getting closer to feelings and dating again ♥