What a horrible condition. Your whole body aches, you feel depressed and lonely. Your inner you tells you- Go do something, go out and enjoy yourself!… But your outside body tells you- NO!.

The tiredness and aches reminds you that you can’t be the same as people your age. Some days you may feel so good, you could build a house with all the energy you have, but when you get the uninvited flare up, all you want is to rest, hoping it will all soon stop.

To avoid Flare ups, you need to avoid the triggers. Triggers for Fibromyalgia vary from person to person.

But these include:

• Weather changes.

• Hormonal imbalance and/ or changes.

• Changes in your schedule and/ or activity.

• Poor sleep and/ or lack of rest.

• Physical or Psychological stress.

Of course, some flare ups are unavoidable. To identify what causes the bad Fibromyalgia  days, you can start logging your daily activities and your sleep patterns. This will help you get a better idea on how all of those factors influence your symptoms. You will then be able to better manage the inputs that trigger a flare up.

Reducing the Symptoms of Fibromyalgia Flare Up


Despite your best efforts, your Fibromyalgia is going to flare. You may then want to reach out for the medication, but that isn’t going to help, because there is no treatment for Fibromyalgia Flare ups.

Now in my experience, I find it easier and more helpful trying to prevent flare ups, rather than trying to mask it with medication.

When you feel well you may be tempted to overdo things. Try to learn to slow down your pace down. This will prevent you from “paying for it later”.

“Pain is here for Today, but you are here for Forever”

I know it is or will be hard to adapt to Fibromyalgia, but remember- this condition will require a lot of self-love and adaptions to your new physical body.

Make sure you don’t isolate yourself. If you can’t go out, speak to your friends and family, tell them how you feel and get them to pay you a visit or do something that requires less energy- go for a coffee or simply sit with them and have a chat.

You can still enjoy every bit of your life. Just try to avoid too much stress, which is usually the biggest trigger for many people.