For years many of you collect things and you cling on to them as a guarantee of security. Sometimes it’s your way of clinging on to the past. This makes your life a chaos, which can be found in your drawers, living room, bedroom or your work desk.

You are being kept hostage by your own cluttered home. They no longer make you happy and you want to escape that chaos.

It doesn’t mean you have to become a minimalist. Your home doesn’t have to look exactly the same as the person who has very few things. The most important thing is to keep what you need the most and get rid of what is no longer used.


Firstly- Why is it important to Clean?

Why is it a problem to keep collecting things? It’s not a problem at all if that is what you like. We all live differently and I’m not saying that leading a life of minimalist is better than one with too many things.

While getting rid of the clutter in my own home, I came found some advantages:

* Less Stress– when surrounded by too much clutter it can distract you and make you stress. You need to sort your wardrobe, paperwork, take the rubbish out and so on, but sometimes you keep putting it at the back of your to do list. You try to avoid thinking about it, but at the back of your mind you know it’s there and it needs doing.

*More Productivity– You are more productive when your house and work place is tidy and clean. Nothing distracts you, so you can concentrate on the important stuff.

*More Calmness– In a clutter free home you will be able to relax fully and the peace will just linger around you.

*More Aesthetic– When selling your house, the estate agents will tell you that a clean, clutter free house will sell faster. That’s because people love a clean house. Same goes to guests, they enjoy visiting more when the house is clean and looked after. It doesn’t have to be perfectly clean and dust free, just be looked after.

*More Free Time– Collecting things cost you time, because you often look for them, misplace and reorganise.

*Saving Money– Yes all those things cost a lot of money, the more you have the more storage or a bigger house you will need. Sometimes people even rent storage, so they can take their belongings there which no longer fit in their homes. Then there is also a big headache involved if you need to move, because that costs a lot too, paying for all the trips to move all that clutter.

*More Space– Less clutter more space for living your life.

The main Rules of Minimalism

Before you do the deep clean in your home its important to follow these 4 Steps~ I picked drawers as an example:

  1. Pick it Up– Take everything out of the drawer and put it in a pile. Take everything and I mean everything until it’s empty. Put it all on the table on somewhere out of your way for now.
  2. Pick it Out– From that pile choose only what you like and will use the most, either now or in the near future. Be very choosy. Put what you will use in a separate pile.
  3. Get rid of–  Whatever is in the “I will not use pile” bin it. You know yourself you will not be using many of the things you just discovered. You can also give it to charity or a friend who will use your old stuff.
  4. Organise– Now clean the drawer, put everything back, organise everything and make sure you leave enough space around the things in it so when you look for something, you don’t have to stress trying to find it.

Follow those stems for everything around your home and trust me you stress levels will be lower in the future.

Future Steps for organising your Home 
  1. Clean one space at a time– Organise and clean one space then move on to another. Don’t worry about the rest of the house. After all, when you clean one are, you are creating one clean, stress free space. Give yourself time to do this or do it less often, but for longer.
  2. Find a place for your paperwork– Paperwork can usually create a lot of mess and disorganisation. We usually place them allover the place and something important is needed, we can’t find it. Just this little change will bring less stress and tidiness in your life.
  3. Learn to enjoy the clean look of your home– When you clean and organise one space, stand there for a minute and admire it. Start to dislike clutter. Catch it by the tail before it gets out of hand.

After you do the deep clean you will want your home to look and be this tidy forever. Believe me, if you let clutter come back, it definitely will. Maintenance cleaning is an ongoing process. It doesn’t mean you have to clean everyday or every weak, but it should be a thing you never forget to do. Make it a habit in order to prevent disorganisation.

Make sure all your belongings has it’s own place and if you buy something new, make sure you find something you don’t use to throw away.




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