We all get those days  when the mirror is not really our friend, even if you know you are beautiful and amazing it still tells you lies.

Few years ago I was one of those people who would take pictures everyday, several times a day. At that time the mirror and  the camera were my best friends. We were inseparable.

And look at me now- I am camera shy, I have unfriended my mirror and ugly feeling days visit me more often than the beautiful ones. This doesn’t mean it brings me down or stops me from dressing up and showing up.

It may be the cheap mirror I own or a camera not showing the real thing, but it could also be my brain playing tricks on me. If so, then I want to fight that side of the brain and get back to the old ”beautiful looking” self.

I have recently asked few of my guy friends if they get those days too and they reassured me that they do too. Some of them even said that they feel ugly all the time. So this means us women are not the only ones feeling like this.

What I have also realised is that we see ourselves different from how others see us real life. This is because all our life we only see ourselves in the mirror or in pictures. We never get to see how we really look face to face. Have you even had someone tell you ”You look so beautiful today”, when you yourself feel like poop that day and had not put any effort in to your looks whatsoever? This is when you know the mirror and yourself are not that accurate at showing or telling you how you really look.