I often hear people complain that they always get hurt or that they always get the wrong people come their way. After a lot of thinking and connecting the dots, I realised that the fault is not in those who enter their personal space, but the real problem is you and your thinking.

You may have had your heart broken or had the wrong people in your life, but just remember that you choose who to get close to. Sometimes you push away nice people and let the bad ones in to your life.

For example… When you are in a bad relationship or friendship, you long for the others persons attention and love. You do everything in your power to win them over and when you get hurt, you want to tell the whole world how hurt you are and how they treated you wrong.

But when you have a wonderful person next to you who appreciates you, for some reason you treat them with less respect and put less energy in to your relationship. And you do this even if you like then or love them with all your heart.

You know why this happens…?

Because they like you or love you back and you have the key to their heart laying on the table. At first you take the key, but then you run out of motivation to maintain that love.

This happens, because us humans usually want those who don’t want us as much as we want them. But come on! Kick yourself in the back side and make what you have blossom, as you may never meet this nice person again. You may end up not being loved fully (because you deserve it!).


How do you fix the situation? 

Decide if you really want to have that person in your life.

Think of ways to make what you have magical. Find ways to make them smile, feel loved and appreciated. The easiest way to do that is to imagine how you would like to be treated and you will know how to treat the other person. At this point, forget the hurt and past relationships, because what you have right there is unique, same like every person is unique.


Ready…ACTION… All the things you thought about, make them become reality. And believe me you will not regret a thing, because you will know you done all you could do and showed all of you as much as you could.

On this planet there isn’t one person who never been hurt by relationships, friendships and families. You just have to move on and make your next relationship amazing by being the best person you can be. We all make mistakes, but don’t be afraid to try something new.

Just because it didn’t work last time, it doesn’t mean it wont work this time.