These days people are starting to talk about depression more. More individuals open up about this modern disease. This illness helped me meet people suffering from depression and who could relate to what I was going through. Although it is considered that depression is one of the easiest mental illnesses… But I don’t agree!

A story about her depression

She graduated , started her dream career, but at the end of that year everything changed- Everything became difficult, her joy vanished and her motivation disappeared. She didn’t tell anyone, until one day she could no longer find the courage to get out of the bed.

At first she didn’t know it was depression and blamed it all on exhaustion. Days went by and nothing changed.

It was not only hard to climb out of the bed, but to even dress up. Showering and taking care of her appearance seemed pointless. She didn’t answer her phone or replied to any text messages and distanced herself from her family. All her life seemed to be like a dot on the ceiling at which she would stare for hours. Then there was a start to insomnia.

When her family finally realized what could be the problem, they encouraged her to see a doctor. That’s when they diagnosed her with Depression.

So how could she start coming out of those emotions? All the advice to exercise, go for walks or to try to do something enjoyable seemed pointless and made her very angry. Because at the end of the day, all this, is not laziness- It’s a broken soul.

People need to understand that depression is an illness. And it needs to be treated. Don’t be afraid to seek help. Sometimes a psychologist or someone who understands can help, but antidepressants may also be required in order to assist and speed up the recovery.

Remember- You can slowly come back to your normal self.

So… The girl started taking her medication, she then started to feel better and after academic holidays she went back to studying.

Looking back she remembers those first symptoms and realizes that it was the beginning of her depression. That she delayed the so needed look out for help. If she done it sooner she would’ve avoided those unpleasant days.

So if you feel like everything is slipping away from under your feet and your feelings are inadequate to external situations… Don’t be afraid to seek help. Doing so is not going to make you look crazy!

Insomnia is also a sign you need to seek help.

Help your close ones if you notice any signs of depression. 

So depression can have a HAPPY ENDING.